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Registration now for the 2021-22 Season!


We continue to fill in the remaining open slots with late registrations.  Feel free to register for what is open below.  Teams will not start practice until the week of 10/18.  Coaches will notify parents after the coach's meeting on 10/17.

Recreational Leagues:

  • 1st Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 2nd Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 3rd Grade REC =league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 4th Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 5th Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 6th Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 
  • 7th Grade REC = league is closed all slots filled. 

Competitive Leagues:  These are coach-selected teams and coaches will confirm with their players on their teams.  Those who indicated they were open to a tryout are being provided to Comp coaches but it is up to them to reach out if a tryout is warranted.  All Comp registered players who do not find a team will be moved into the recreational draft 10/17,

Recreational 8th - 12th Grade Leagues registration cut-off = 11/8/2021.  Register now before we fill up as you will get a full refund if your son makes the school team.

Please use the below link that will have details and links to player, coach, and staff registrations.

COVID...We will be working closely with the school district on policies, procedures, and mitigation efforts during the season.  We will be posting and communicating these details before the season begins.  As of now, there will be a mask mandate for spectators and coaches, but anticipate an exception for players on and also off the court.


John Tracey

President, LSJBA

Welcome to Lee's Summit Jr. Basketball Association

The Lee's Summit Junior Basketball Association (LSJBA) was founded October 12, 1976 and is a non-profit organization formed entirely by volunteers. An elected Board of Directors manages dedicated volunteers who develop and administer the best possible basketball experience for school aged boys in the R-7 School District. We encourage those interested in investing in the youth of today to join us in this effort by volunteering using the Volunteer link. Thank you for your interest in LSJBA.

LSJBA Basketball Academy

Academy is closed indefinitely until a replacement director can be found.    After many years of outstanding service our Academy Director Cortez Groves has accepted a coaching position in Australia.  This is a fantastic opportunity for him and although we hate to lose him we are happy for him.  We can't say enough for all the hours, heart, and dedication he has poured into the youth of Lee's Summit through his basketball instruction and training.  Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may cause you and your players.   Thank you for your understanding.

League Offerings


Not sure which league is right for you? Check here.

Recreational Leagues

  • Team play is Recreational culminating with a tournament
  • Teams formed by Draft with volunteer coach
  • Players can specify a buddy to play with, but they have to also specify you as their buddy.
  • Guaranteed placement on team
  • Guaranteed 2 quarters of playing time per game 
  • 11 Weeks plus end of season tournament
  • Uniforms provided
  • Grades 1st - 12th
  • $105 (1st - 2nd  Grade)
  • $155 per player (3rd - 12th Grade)


  • Competitive Team Play
  • Teams formed by coach selection
  • Tryouts held at the coaches discretion (contact a known coach or your divisional representative using the contact page email)
  • 11 weeks plus end of season tournament
  • Playing time is earned and not guaranteed
  • Uniforms provided
  • Grades 3rd - 7th
  •  Players register individually and then specify the coach that selected them during registration.