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LSJBA Basketball Academy for girls and boys grades 1 - 12 - Read our latest testimonials!!

By Jon Farr, 01/21/14, 11:15AM CST


LSJBA Basketball Academy - Led by Cortez Groves

LSJBA is pleased to announce the formation of a new Basketball Academy for the 2013/2014 season.  The academy will offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  LSJBA has selected Cortez Groves a former K-State basketball player and professional basketball player in the Austrailian National Basketball League for 10 years.

Cortez plans to bring his experience as a professional basketball player to the next generation of young players. "My goal is to elevate their game to the next level.  Looking back at my basketball career, I realized there were skills that I learned as a professional basketball player that I didn't have while I played in High School or even at the Division 1 college level.  If I can teach kids these skills while they are still young, they will be way ahead of their peers”

No matter what your "next level" is, Cortez possesses a unique ability and has an unparalleled passion to teach the game of basketball to young players.  With 10 years of professional basketball experience, Cortez Groves excels in expanding a player's basketball IQ.  He played at the Next Level, so he understands what it takes to get there, what coaches are looking for, and what skills are necessary to develop in order to get there.

The LSJBA basketball academy will be offered to both boys and girls of Lee's Summit from grades 1 - 12.  You do not have to participate in our recreational or competitive leagues to particpate in the academy.

The academy will host its first session starting in September.

Fees for the academy will be $85 per month per player for one session per week or $135 per month per player for two sessions per week.



Todd Jenkins (Youth Basketball Coach)

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Larry Bird

Cortez Groves and Next Level Basketball defines this quote! The past year my 12 year old twins have worked with Cortez on all facets of basketball. Not just the skills themselves but most important in any sport a mind-set of excellence and winning attitude. Cortez shows as a positive role model what it takes be a competitive basketball player in today’s competitive environment. Practice, practice and more practice! Done the right way!
I’m their parent and basketball coach and can tell you first hand they have become better basketball players under Cortez Groves instruction. If you are looking for an instructive coach to take your young player to the next level of skill sets Cortez Groves and Next Level Basketball is what you are looking for!

Misty Johnson - Parent

The right place at the right time!

My family and I were at sport city for my youngest daughters soccer league.  There we saw a flyer for Cortez groves basketball academy.
  My oldest daughter 12 at the time had been in comp basketball for 3 years and seemed pretty burned out on the coaches and organizations that dominate the eastern metro! I did some research on Cortez and decided to give him a try.

It has to be the best decision I made for her in basketball so far. She really connected with him and I appreciate his coaching style firm but controlled and always postive!
She had a growth spurt during this time and went from playing gaurd to forward. And still managed to put up better numbers and more minutes per game then before. One game she even managed to put up 32 points in a 50 point game.

Seth Harmon - Player

The Cortez Groves clinic has helped me as an all around player.   My ball handling, footwork, and balance have all improved. I’ve learned many moves that use many new techniques. This boosted me in passing, shooting and dribbling all over the court.

Mike Thomas - Parent

My two sons both had played competitive basket ball for multiple years and multiple teams at one time, on average playing 4-6 games a week each.

In a few short months of Cortez Groves' training they went from being above average players to players being recruited. This in turn led to them playing up a year on very competitive teams. As of right now both teams are undefeated and have been for a reasonable amount of time.

One of my sons went from a number 2-3 line up point guard to starting point guard on those better teams I mentioned above.

That same kid went from going two or three games at a time of having amazing assist and steals numbers but zero points to now he is averaging 8 a game and most of it is attack to the basket with some nice jump shots sprinkled in.

The younger of the two is a 3rd grader starting PG playing up 1 and 2 years and is hitting euro steps and helicopter moves at game-speed. He also has been on a streak of at least 1 three pointer per game during tournaments.

These boys enjoyed the game but Cortez helped them find a passion and love for the game. Thank you for everything.

Lee's Summit Parent

Since working with Cortez our daughter has greatly improved her individual skills by attending both the academy and individual skills training. Cortez is great with kids and provides a positive learning environment will teaching the game of basketball. The passion Cortez shows  for basketball is contagious with the kids he trains.

Rachel Wright - Parent

Our family has had the pleasure to have three of our children attend academy with Cortez.  Our boys, 14 and 12 spent 6 months in academy with Cortez.  We were amazed to see around a 50% improvement in their basketball skill and confidence in this short time.  Cortez is an amazing trainer! I really cannot say enough good things about his program. Many people have great basketball knowledge, but Cortez not only has the knowledge, he also has an amazing gift.  The gift of being able to reach and teach young people.
I always stay and watch the academy sessions that my kids attend. Recently my 11 year old daughter and her team have started to go to Cortez.  We have some varied skill levels and these girls can be unfocused at times. Cortez never breaks from the same stride he always has no matter what the girls plan is for the evening.  I have watched him countless times over a few year span and no matter who he is working with he is always the same. If you are a rock star player or struggling as a beginner he will treat you with encouragement and respect just the same.  This is his gift to these kids. He is always encouraging, uplifting, respectful and focused, but at the same time so driven to get every second out of his sessions.  There is no wasted time or wasted opportunity for instruction.  He gets it done with a grace that I can only admire.  My daughter who can be timid and embarrassed, quickly said to me that she loves to go to academy because she doesn't feel dumb or embarrassed when Cortez helps or corrects her.  He just has a way about him that is quite amazing.

Roger Graves (LSJBA Board Member)

Since taking my two sons to the academy I have seen great improvement in: 1) their ball handling, 2) shooting, 3) foot work, 4) overall fundamentals and 5) attention to detail.  Cortez's teaching style works for all levels of player ability.  Watching the academy I tend to focus on how he interacts with beginning players.  Regardless of the player's skill level Cortez is positive, encouraging and patient.  I can tell he is always looking for something positive to say to each  player.  Cortez also demands respect from the players at all times.  I have seen him reprimand kids (not listening, bouncing balls or not paying attention when he is talking) which he does in a respectful, direct manner without yelling or berating the kid(s).

I have been extremely happy with the academy to date and see no reason why that will change.


Dave Templeman (7th - 12th Grade Official Coordinator)

I wanted to share my thoughts on our experience with Cortez and the academy. Seth participated in Sept / Oct sessions and I told Cortez he came further in that two months than in the previous two years. He is not a big shooter so his value to a team is in the post as a defender / rebounder. Unfortunately he didn't have the best footwork and got beat more than he should've. He also was not as good as he could have been getting position for the rebound.

Not only is he a better defender after the academy, he's a much better shooter. Yesterday he made the Lees Summit North JV team as a sophomore & we couldn't be happier. I have no doubt he probably would not have made the cut if it were not for the past 2 months.

So thank you for putting this program together.

Wardell Murray (LSJBA Board Member)

I wanted to express how impressed I am with Cortez Groves; he clearly has a natural talent when it comes to engaging children. All of the kids are enraptured. Cortez has made every drill new and exciting. The Basketball Academy took a boy who loved to play basketball and turned him into a basketball player. Over the course of few weeks my son has greatly improved numerous skills and learned how to compete, but was also taught the importance of good sportsmanship and just having fun. We are thoroughly impressed with the organization of each session, the professionalism of the instruction and the warm atmosphere. My son adores Cortez and has lots of fun with the other kids. He looks forward to coming to every session; in fact I think he would prefer to attend Academy rather than a regular practice.

The Basketball Academy is a wonderful experience from start to finish; LSJBA is fortunate having this opportunity.

Lee's Summit Parent

My son's skills have dramatically increased by attending Basketball Academy held by Cortez Groves.  He has taken his game to the next level.  Cortez has done wonders for his confidence.  My son learned basketball moves in 3 months that he never dreamed of doing.  Cortez has a way of getting through to players that want to raise the bar.  I am glad my son attended the LSJBA Basketball Academy.