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Which League Should I Register For?

Which league is right for my son?

There are three basic factors that will determine which league is right for your son.  Hopefully this information will help you make the best decision.

Mental Maturity/Desire

If your son has a high level of focus, strong work ethic and desire for the game of basketball then our competitive league might be a good fit.  A competitive player will practice on his/her own time without having to be told to practice because of a strong desire.  Only about 15% of our players play on a competitive team.  Our competitive leagues are available for grades 3 - 7.

If your son likes basketball and is excited when the season rolls around but is only interested in playing with friends then our recreational league might be a better fit.  Our recreational league is where 85% of our players are registered.

If your son doesn't care for organized basketball but likes shooting baskets then our beginner level basketball academy might be a better fit.  This level is designed to be fun but provide great basketball instruction.

Athletic Ability

The competitive division is formed by coach selection.  Which means that players who have a high level of athletic ability and basketball skill will be chosen first to fill out an 8-10 man team.  Playing time is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the coach.  Playing time is earned by the athletic ability displayed by the athlete and his/her ability to contribute to the team.  Most players have to tryout for a competitive team and wait to see if they are selected to join.

Our recreational league teams are formed by a draft process which means every player is guaranteed a spot.  Players are also guaranteed a minimum of 2 quarters of playing time per game.  This means that even if your son does not have a high level of athletic ability he will still get to participate in the game.

The beginner level of our basketball academy requires no previous experience.  Boys and girls who have never played basketball before can join this level and learn the fundamentals of basketball in a safe and fun environment.  Athletes from other sports who do not play a winter sport and who do not play basketball can use this academy as a great way to stay in shape during the winter months.

Competitive Nature

Our competitive division is designed for highly competitive athletes who expect to practice longer, play more games and dedicate more time to becoming the best they can be.  Players on competitive teams can play many games in a tournament on weekends outside of the LSJBA league.  Competitive players want to play as many games as they can.

Our recreational division is for players who are competitive as well but are not interested in longer practice times and are ok with one game per Saturday.  Most of our recreational players are highly competitive even though they may not have the athletic ability to make a competitive team.

Character, Team Work and Sportsmanship

Regardless of whether you choose Competitive, Recreational or our Basketball Academy we teach the basic fundamentals of good character to all of our athletes.  Check out our character training under the S.T.A.R. link on our home page.

Ready to Decide?

As you can see LSJBA has a league for everyone.  No one needs to feel left out or feel like they don't belong.  There is a right fit for all players.  Check our more details on our league offerings here.

We hope we have given you enough information now to make the best decision for your son or daughter.  We hope they have a great time playing in our league!